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Curly Rocket on YouTube

Curly Rocket has it's own YouTube page now. On there you'll find game trailers and development video diaries. Cheers !

Curly Minesweeper is on the AppStore !

Hot on the heels of Curly Square, our next game Curly Minesweeper is now available from the iOS AppStore. Grab your free copy now:

Curly Minesweeper is probably the cutest minesweeper game out there and has some great features:

Curly Square is on the App Store !

I'm pleased to announce that our first iOS game, Curly Square, is live on the AppStore right now. Curly Square takes the traditional 'Simon' game and adds a few tweaks. There are 5 game modes to choose from, online leaderboards, and a little twist in that the faster you repeat the sequence the more points you get.

Head on over to the AppStore and download your copy now. It's simple, fun, and FREE !

NWIndies Conference Presentation

Last week we held our second annual NWIndies mini-conference. It was a great afternoon spent with like-minded developers, sharing experiences and knowledge. As part of the mini-conf I gave a talk on the past year with CurlyRocket and FC, my in-house tech framework. I'm uploading the presentation here for people to look at if they are at all interested in what I've been up to for the past year.


PS Suite

I love that Sony are doing Playstation Suite. It's great to see a company realise that they need to diversify to grow into new markets. And the best way to do this is to let the community do the hard bit.

But... I'm not sure who PS Suite is aimed at.

A Couple of Presentations

About 18 months ago, I created a couple of presentations which were given to the programming dept I was then working for. At the time we had a great weekly spot where someone could present about a useful topic. I ended up splitting my talk into two parts: Code Design and Working Practices. I stumbled upon these presentations this morning so I thought I'd put them up here for people to have a look at, and maybe gain something useful from. 8)

Code Design

Pricing and Marketing

I've been thinking a lot about pricing and marketing lately. Not that I'm due to release my first game any time soon or anything... but it's something that I've heard a lot about from various other developers and on podcasts etc. I've changed my plans on pricing a few times so far... Due to having more time to think about things, and also because I think you have to keep an open mind in a dynamic market.

Falling in luove with Lua

So the past couple of months have been slow... but not at a standstill 8). I've been busy working away at putting Lua scripting into FC. It kind of feels bad to say that in the 18 years I've been developing games I've never used a scripting language in anger. I think it's probably because the games I did never had complex enough behaviour to require scripting, and that the few people I had talked to who had used scripting languages had scared me off. But all that has changed...

Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011

Very sad news to day that Steve Jobs has passed away. Say what you like about his products but you can't deny that the guy was a visionary, an inspiration, and a creator. He followed his heart and never gave up his dreams. He will be deeply missed. Rest in peace Steve - you did good.

Wot no updates...

'Where are the updates ?' I'm hearing people say... Well, things have slowed down a tad here at Curly Rocket towers the past few weeks. Main reason for this is that I am currently contracting for two separate clients and have no free days to do Curly Rocket stuff. I'm still squeezing some stuff in to any spare time I have - mainly fettling my tools and rendering work, but progress has slowed. Juggling three jobs and a family is pretty tough... believe me.

This is temporary. 8)


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