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I’m getting quite in to space games again recently… I had about a month with Elite Dangerous and then decided to have another go of EVE Online. Elite is a very fine space simulator but it lacks much of a meta-game. Eve is nothing like a simulator but has an immense amount of meta-game. The last time I played Eve was back in 2004, not long after Eve had launched. 12 years later and although Eve appears very much the same, the amount of stuff in Eve has grown tremendously. It’s pretty amazing.

This is Eve…

So far I’ve been running some agent missions and have joined a very casual corp. I”m not sure if I’m going to hang about inside the corp or go it alone for a bit while I learn the ropes. We’ll see. Eve agent missions have certainly improved since 2004… they used to be a real grind. My main is called ‘Fidgit Chent-Shi’ after one of the Time Bandits.

Curly Rocket is no more. Long live Curly Rocket.

So that’s it… after 5 odd years of contracting I’m shutting down Curly Rocket as a company, and joining Lucid Games to see what the future holds. It’s been an interesting few years… full of uncertainty and accountants bills. I’m a little sad to say goodbye to the freelance way of life, but I know I’ll be happier working at Lucid Games with a bunch of really great game developers. I’m keeping this domain open for now, and will hopefully use it more as a personal space… but we’ll see what happens eh ?