Curly Minesweeper

Curly Minesweeper was the first semi-serious attempt at writing something from scratch and getting it up on the AppStore quickly. It’s main purpose was as a testbed for getting my own engine together. CM is a pretty traditional Minesweeper game but with a few pet-peeves removed.

My pet peeves with Minesweeper games are:

1) Making the first move is always a guess.

2) During board completion most of the time you need to guess due to the layout of the mines.

3) No undo last move

So for CM I wrote a little map generation system which could guarantee that a board was completable without guessing as long as the first move was known. I also added in a simple currency system where the player could buy first moves, hints and undo’s. It was a very naive attempt at Free 2 Play model.

The graphics were all drawn by hand with colouring pencils and scanned in, which I quite enjoyed doing 8)

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