Lifeforce: Tenka

Lifeforce: Tenka (Codename:Tenka in the US) was the first 3D game I worked on. It was made for the then-new Playstation console and took nearly 3 years to complete. For most of that time though we had no design or production support, and was nothing much more than a 3D demo.

At the time of development the team was heavily into Doom and the whole 3D shooter scene that was booming on PC. Our mission was to build a 3D shooter on Playstation that went one better than Doom and featured proper 3D enemies and arbitrary geometry environments.

Yes, looking back it is quite a poor game, but at the time we were all incredibly proud of the technical achievements we were able to pull off.

I worked on most parts of the engine… renderer, character control system, audio, collision system…