Quantum Redshift

Quantum Redshift (QR) was the second game by Curly Monsters, and a first-party release for Microsoft on the XBox console. QR was a futuristic combat racer which ran at 60fps and really demonstrated the power of the original XBox.

QR was developed by a ridiculously small team. At the beginning there were 6 of us (2 art, 2 code, 1 design, 1 prod), and at the end 2 years later there were still only 9 of us (3 code, 4 art, 1 design, 1 prod). I did a lot of the stuff in QR – physics, AI, weapons etc. and had an absolute blast making it.

My most favourite time with QR was at the end when Microsoft flew 4 of us out to Seattle for a week to squish the last few bugs before master. What a mind-blowing trip that was 8)