Table Top Racing

The guys at Playrise asked me to help out with Table Top Racing in August 2013. Table Top Racing (TTR) was released in early 2013 for iOS and had been a good success. What they needed was someone to take over handling iOS updates and also to port the game to the Playstation Vita. Since I had a lot of experience with iOS and years of Sony platform experience I was a good fit for the role.

I did all of the Vita conversion with the exception of porting the renderer, which the original coder took care of.

TTR Vita supports both local and online multiplayer, leaderboards, trophies, and in-app purchases. It also has exclusive higher-resolution source assets. It’s a great little game.

We have just started work on the next Table Top Racing game, which is launching first on Playstation 4, and uses Unity. It’s looking VERY COOL 8).